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About PowaTools®

PowaTools® is a suite of online power systems design and analysis software tools. To access Login to our Online Services. 


PowaArc® is used to provide guidance on the arc fault containment capability of switchboards.  The calculation methodologies used are based on a combination of theoretical physical laws, empirically derived rules and calibrations against case studies.  The output of this tool is a likelihood rating of possible switchboard failure due to an arcing fault, for use in risk assessments.


PowaCurve® is used to provide standalone protection grading assessments and input into power system modelling packages. It uses standard IEC and user defined curves.


PowaEarth® is used to calculate step and touch voltages resulting from earth faults to assist with earthing system assessment and design. The calculation methodologies are based on IEEE and Australian Standards and use a two layered soil model.  The outputs of this tool include: Step and Touch voltages; conductor sizing; and resistance to ground.


PowaFault® is used to calculate three-phase short circuit and arcing fault currents. The calculation methodologies are based on IEEE and Australian Standards. The outputs of this tool include: three phase short circuit currents (fault levels); arcing currents; arc flash incident energies and arc flash PPE boundary distances.


PowaGen® is used to perform basic synchronous generator transient stability assessments. It models two synchronous generators operating against an infinite bus, together with loads, transformers and interconnections. It provides first pass assessment on whether generator instability or pole slipping is likely to occur for given protection clearance times and network parameters.


PowaLine® is used to calculate overhead powerline conductor impedances, current carrying capacities and fault withstand capacities.