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Powerplan provides the following Power System Management training courses for maintenance, operations and engineering personnel, which can be customised to cover site specific requirements:

Fundamentals Course

  • Basics: Voltage; Current; Power Factor; Real Power; Reactive Power
  • Steam Turbines: Basic Operation; Governors - Modes of Operation; Generators - ElectricalCharacteristics, Excitation systems, Limits of Operation Capability charts, Steady State Stability
  • Power Systems Management: Interconnected and Islanded Operation; Control of voltage and frequency; Control of real and reactive power -Isochronous, Droop and automatic generation control; Synchronisation; Switching - Out of Synchronism Faults, Circulating Currents.
  • Contingency Management: Equipment thermal ratings - Transformers, Cables, Switchboards; Contingencies - Generator Outage; Transformer Outage; Major Bus Outage, Current Splitting; Load Shedding.

Advanced Course

  • Steam Turbines: Condensing; Back Pressure; Single and Double Extraction Types; General Arrangement of Valves; Ratioing in Extraction Type Turbines.
  • Protection Systems: Protection Philosophy; Types of Generator Faults & Consequences; Generator Relays - Overcurrent, Voltage, Frequency, Loss of excitation, Reverse Power, Rotor Earth Fault, Pole Slip; Earthing Systems and Earth Potential Rise
  • Load Shedding & Generation Control: Contingency Based; Under Frequency Based; Overfrequency Based Generation Shedding; Automatic Generation Control; Voltage Control; Islanding Control; Auto-Synchronisation.
  • Switching: Interlocking; Switching Sequences
  • Power System Stability: Steady State Stability; Transient Stability – effect of short circuit faults; Rotor Angle Stability;  Voltage Stability