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Powerplan provides the following Power System Modelling training courses for maintenance and engineering personnel, which can be customised to cover site specific requirements including preferred simulation packages:

Fundamentals Course

  • Power System Modelling Overview: Simulation Packages; Simulation Types - Load Flows, Fault Level, Protection, Arc Flash, Transient Stability.
  • Modelling Accuracy: Data Requirements; Output Control; Sensitivity to User Settings; Cross Checking.
  • Load Flow & Fault Level: Checking Load Data; Changing Network Connectivity; Running Load Flows; Using Load Flow Data; Fault Types; Generator Contributions; Motor Contributions; Transformer Vector Group; Applicable Standards.

Advanced Course

  • Protection:  Protection Curves; Setting Grading Groups; Choosing Protection Devices; Changing Protection Settings; Check Sync; Earth Potential Rise.
  • Arc Flash: Fault Level Requirements; Protection Requirements; Arc Flash Study Parameters; Device Contributions; Maintenance Mode Settings; Arc Fault Containment.
  • Quality of Supply: Flicker; Motor Starting; Harmonics; Voltage Stability; Dynamic Stability; Post Fault Voltage Recovery; Voltage Regulation; Voltage Unbalance; Power Factor; System Frequency.