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The development of power generation, power distribution and load management systems are key objectives of our engineering team.  All services provided are carried out by or under the supervision of Chartered Professional Engineers.  Services include: design; project management; and risk management.


Power system design services include:

  • Network Planning - feeders, substations, earthing.
  • Scheme Development - protection, communications and control.
  • Detailed Design - drawings, specifications and tender documentation.


Project Management

Power system project management services include:

  • Procurement - materials, equipment and labour procurement management.
  • Contract Management – design review; contract award; fee approvals; site and factory acceptance testing; quality control and assurance.
  • Construction Coordination – works scheduling; operations interface; and commissioning.


Risk Management

Powerplan provides the following services for management of safety and financial risks associated with power system construction, operation and maintenance activities: 

  • Task Sequencing - capture and sequencing of tasks to identify and reduce safety and operational risks.
  • Quantitative Analysis - equipment and procedure reviews; failure tree analysis; societal acceptability limits.
  • Qualitative Assessments - equipment condition assessments; facilitation of eHAZOPs and risk assessments; development of risk management plans.