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Supporting client personnel with the maintenance and operation of their power systems is a key role of our engineering team.  Services include: maintenance and operations management; technical training in power systems; and access to online power system analysis tools.

Maintenance and Operations Management

Power system maintenance and operations management services include:

  • Onsite Support - site personnel supervision and technical support.
  • Maintenance Planning - procedure development; equipment service scheduling; shutdown planning.
  • Facility Management – regulatory compliance including safety and generator operator audits; total facility technical and administration management.


Powerplan provides customised, site specific power systems training in the following areas for maintenance, operations and engineering personnel:

  • Power System Management - generator power control; network voltage control; mesh network switching; load shedding; and contingency management.
  • Power System Modelling – equipment data management; load flow; fault level; protection; arc flash; flicker; harmonics; and dynamic stability.
  • Power System Protection - protection coordination; thermal ratings; earth potential rise; critical fault clearing time; arc flash and arc fault containment; check synchronisation; and distance, unit and blocking schemes.

Courses are structured as Foundation and Advanced levels with attendee competency assessments.


PowaTools® is a suite of online power systems design and analysis tools that can be accessed via our Online Services. Calculation tools include: fault level; arc flash; arc fault containment; protection curves; earthing; generator stability; and overhead powerline impedance.