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About Powerplan

Established in 1991, Powerplan® is a leader in power systems engineering consulting. Powerplan® specialises in the study, development and support of industrial power systems. 


  • Investigations:  equipment safety; power supply integrity; and energy management.
  • Modelling:  power system modelling; network analysis; study reports.
  • Feasibility Studies:  project definition; conceptual design; project evaluation.


  • Design:  network planning; scheme development; detailed design.
  • Project Management:  procurement; contract management; construction coordination. 
  • Risk Management:  task sequencing; quantitative analysis; qualitative assessment.


  • Maintenance and Operations Management:  onsite support; maintenance planning; facility management.
  • Training:  power system management; power system modelling; power system protection. 
  • PowaTools® is a suite of online power systems design and analysis tools.