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Powerplan provides the following Power System Protection training courses for maintenance and engineering personnel, which can be customised to cover site specific requirements:

Fundamentals Course

  • Instrument Transformers: CT/VT Types & Classes.
  • Protection Types: Overcurrent; Overload; Earth Fault; Unit.
  • Equipment Protection: Feeders; Transformers; Switchgear; Motors.
  • Protection Communications & Control: Intertripping; Check Sync; IEC61850.
  • Fault Levels & Equipment Ratings: HV; LV; 3 Phase; Earth Fault; Equipment Ratings; Inrush.
  • Protection Settings: Setting Overcurrent Curves; Grading.
  • Arc Flash: Calculation & Detection.
  • DC Supply: DC Supplies; Tests.
  • Site Tests: CTs; VTs; Protection Relay.

Advanced Course

  • Protection Requirements: Protection Objectives; Types; Coordination; Backup & Duplicate; 
  • Unit Protection: Transformer; Distance Schemes.
  • Generator Protection: Operation; Faults; Protection.
  • Earth Fault Protection: Transformer Vector Group; Zero Sequence; High/Low Impedance; Earthing; Step & Touch Potentials; Residual & Core Balance. 
  • Fault Locating: Protection Coordination; Relays; Testing.
  • IEC 61850: Protocols; Application; Interlocking; Programmability; Clearance Time Effects on Arc  Flash; Measurements; Intertripping.
  • Arc Flash Detection: Light; Pressure; Overcurrent Restraint; Exhaust Gas Monitoring; Control/Protection Distinction.