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Our highly skilled professional engineers perform a range of power system studies to assist project development, operations and maintenance work.  These include investigations, modelling and feasibility studies.



Investigations into the performance and optimisation of power systems are carried out and include:

  • Safety of Personnel - arc flash hazard risk management; arc fault containment; equipment ratings; and earth potential rise.
  • Power Supply Integrity – reliability and security of supply including load shedding; equipment failure investigation; power quality including voltage flicker, voltage unbalance, impulses and harmonic content.
  • Energy Management - equipment efficiency; power factor and demand optimisation; generator coordination; tariff selection; and alternative supplies.



Power system modelling and analysis studies are carried out using specialist software programmes.  This work includes:

  • Power System Modelling - capturing generator, network equipment and load data and preparing models for analysis.
  • Network Analysis - performing network analysis studies with the use of power system models and model interface software:  load flows; fault levels; protection; arc flash; arc fault containment; stability; earthing; motor starting; voltage flicker; and harmonics.
  • Study Reports - preparation of detailed reports and presentations on the results of the network analysis studies with recommendations on how best to address issues discovered.


Feasibility Studies

Feasibility and prefeasibility studies are carried out to evaluate the social and economic benefits of proposed power system development and rectification works.  This includes:

  • Project Definition - scoping of proposed power system development and rectification works.
  • Conceptual Design - power system conceptual and preliminary designs; specification and tendering.
  • Project Evaluation – stakeholder input, costing, risk review and report preparation.